With the number of affordable web hosting providers increasing every day, there is now a large number of business web hosting services on offer, but who do you choose? To make the choice a little easier, here are just a few key aspects to look for when looking at affordable web hosting providers.

Reviews and reputation

There is no better way to establish what a website hosting provider is like more than reviews. Whether it’s a former or previous client, they would likely have left a review about the hosting company based on their experience, either to praise or warn others of the business web hosting packages.

Whether it’s on their website, social media or trusted sites such as Google, you can be certain to find a few reviews that give you an insight into what their clients think of them.

Their uptime needs to be good

Any provider can claim that they are an affordable web hosting provider, but one of the best giveaways to tell if their web hosting plans are good is by looking at their uptime. For this, they must be honest otherwise you may end up purchasing a business web hosting plan which turns out to be continuously offline.

Although it sounds like a tough order, you shouldn’t ever consider a provider that has less than 99% uptime, otherwise, there is always that risk of your website being offline when it’s needed the most.

Customer support is a must

Although you won’t be awake 24 hours of the day, your website will be so that it can reach the mass of your target demographic. You never know when an issue is going to occur, but with a strong customer service team, you can rest assured that your website will be in safe hands.

For that reason, not only is it important that the web hosting provider is available 24 hours, but the provider also needs to have a quick and effective response time to avoid you having to wait numerous hours for them to assist you.

Different hosting plans are available

During your search for an affordable web hosting provider, it’s also key that you identify a provider that offers multiple business web hosting plans. Whether it is shared, dedicated or cloud hosting, it’s important that they have several types of plans available for you to choose from.

Check for the ability to upgrade

Linking back to the point above, you should also check that they provide the availability to upgrade as you go. Although you might be looking for the cheapest package available, you can never predict how successful your website will become. For that reason, you must have the capability to change the type of hosting package, perhaps to a dedicated server, so that you can get the resources and bandwidth that is required.

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Thursday, February 27, 2020

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