What many people fail to realise is that websites aren’t simply designed and then available to view online straight away. In reality, for any website to be visible, it needs to be hosted in one way or another, which is when you need to work with a specialist web hosting company - such as JustHostMe.

So that you have a better understanding of personal web hosting and its role, the team at JustHostMe have created this guide covering just a few of the many reasons why good web hosting is so important.

What is web hosting?

Before we go any further, you must have a better understanding of what web hosting is. In the short term, it’s where all of the website’s files, content and information is stored so that it can easily be loaded for the website to be visible online.

As someone seeking web hosting plans, you are essentially renting space on a remote server for your components, which is why hosting providers offer several website hosting packages, as the size of your website can differentiate.

Why it’s important

  • No one likes a slow website

It’s very unlikely that you ever find someone who says they enjoy experiencing a slow website, and by finding a suitable personal web hosting service, you can rest assured knowing the speed of your website is good, as long as you go to the right provider.

As we mentioned previously, the size of your website plays a vital role in the type of web hosting that you need. By choosing a more intense web hosting package, such as dedicating server hosting, you will be allocated additional space and resources, ultimately helping to speed up your website.

  • Security is vital

Failing to have a secure website will not just make you as a business look bad, but your website’s content and data will also be vulnerable to being infiltrated and stolen. Fortunately, all good personal web hosting providers will offer certain levels of security regardless of the package that you purchase, though the more intense the package, the more security you will benefit from.

That being said, all hosting providers should at least ensure that your website is protected with an SSL certificate and basic firewall protection, as well as guaranteeing that their physical servers are secured and protected at all times.

  • Boosts the site performance and SEO

You obviously want your website visitors to enjoy your website, which is why we suggest looking for a good website hosting provider that is going to provide the best experience. This is because certain circumstances such as website loading speed, security and website downtime are all factors that contribute towards your overall SEO.

  • Your business needs to be kept online

Thanks to the advancement of website capabilities, most websites are now used as an organisation’s primary location for customers to go to purchase their goods or services. For that reason, you must host your website well, or clients will be unable to able to load your site quickly enough, won’t feel safe on your website or simply can’t access the website at all.

About JustHostMe

For those that are keen on speaking to a dependable personal web hosting provider, look no further than us, JustHostMe. Having been established for over a decade, we are soon becoming of the UK’s most popular web hosting providers thanks to our expertise as a world-class hosting server, offering exceptional customer service.

As a web hosting provider, our personal web hosting comes in a variety of formats, with a few of the most popular including shared, dedicated server and cloud hosting. For those that are keen on speaking to one of our specialists, we recommend sending a message via our contact page.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

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