How do I transfer my .UK domain name to you?

To transfer your .UK domain name into us you will need to place an order for a domain transfer through the client area or place a domain transfer order during the initial sign up process.

Once the domain transfer order has been placed you will need to login to your domain registrars control panel (this is the control panel of the company you purchased the domain from) and update the IPS tag of your .UK domain name to ‘JUSTHOSTME’. If you cannot change the IPS tag of your .UK domain name via your domain registrars control panel you will need to contact your domain registrar or Nominet (the UK registry) and request that they change the IPS tag of your .UK domain name on your behalf.

NOTE: .UK domain names can be transferred into us and away from us without any costs involved.

ID protection is not available for .UK domain names. You must use the WHOIS opt out feature inside the Nominet online service to opt out of the WHOIS. The Nominet online service can be found here.

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