What is SiteLock VPN?

SiteLock are one of the Market Leaders in website security. They are renowned for their security products based on website scanning and malware removal and you can purchase their main product line through us as well.

We have chosen to offer SiteLocks VPN service independently so we can offer our clients a popular consumer VPN product to allow them to browse the web in a safe and secure manner.

What is a VPN?

A VPN (virtual private network) allows you to initiate anonymous, encrypted browsing sessions over any network connection. We conduct more personal and professional business in public places than ever before. Unfortunately, anyone else on the same public network can easily see the sites you access and information you transmit. With a SiteLock VPN you can conduct business with confidence and assurance that you are protected from prying eyes on public networks.

How it works

The VPN connection is essentially a middle man for your online activity. You can establish connections through a chosen private network rather then your public address. This means that all the online data you send comes from the VPN and not your personal computer. It has been a highly popular choice for businesses engaging in online activity and has become increasing popular for personal use for the same reasons and more.

SiteLock VPN offers a downloadable client to establish a connection as well as allowing you to setup the connections manually in the network settings of the device. The download client and the VPN access details are found in the SiteLock control panel.

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